1: Every discipline leads to a better understanding of God (5 July 2021)
1: Every discipline leads to a better understanding of God (5 July 2021)

1: Every discipline leads to a better understanding of God (5 July 2021)

Philosophy is regarded as the mother of all disciplines, but I argue that all disciplines, including philosophy, are connected to theology. How? Theology comes from the Greek words theos and logos meaning the study of God. God is the creator of the universe. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him” (Psalm 24:1). Therefore, every discipline either focuses on understanding the identity of God, an aspect of his creation, or how he wants us to live.

An expected question is the status of disciplines or studies that are directly against God. My response is that there is a difference between the purpose for which something is created (intended purpose) and what it is eventually used for (actual use). The intended purpose depends on the creator while the actual use depends on the user. For instance, a table is created to be used as a writing pad. A user can go to the market, buy a table, and dismantle it to make charcoal for a barbecue. It does not mean that the intended purpose of the table was to convert it to charcoal.

In the same way, God has created us and given us freedom. If it had not been so, we would have been automated, and if we were automated, then the whole concept of sin and punishment that stem from our choices would have been irrelevant – malfunction in a new car is always relative to the manufacturer. With this freedom God has given us, we are allowed to choose what we want to do in life even if it is against the will of God. The wrong use of something God created does not negate that God created that thing for good (Genesis 1:31).

On this note, I welcome you dear Monsignors, Fathers, Deacons and Seminarians to my weekly post on Okigwe diocese. No doubt there are pressing security and survival issues, and now, the shocking death of Ibe Emmanuel🙏🏾, nevertheless, life’s equations are always solved simultaneously. I intend to theologise on Okigwe diocese so that we can work together towards achieving the salvation of souls, which is our mission individually as ministers, and collectively as a diocese. If God gives life, I will publish every Monday morning until further notice. I am also publishing it simultaneously on WhatsApp platforms of priests and seminarians of Okigwe diocese.

Please feel free to disagree, criticise, deride, disparage, or condemn any of my ideas – it is very necessary to ensure we get the best for our beloved diocese. I need them😃. Biko, keep them coming😊. As I have always argued and as I will reflect in the coming weeks, having a different idea is not a sin. It is very important for any system.

May God continue to bless our beloved diocese🙏🏾


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